Experienced in the suspense, romance, young adult, paranormal, women’s lit, and fantasy genres. I use The Chicago Manual of Style as a style guide unless the author has a different preference.

All booked services require a $50 deposit upon the signing of a contract. Rush jobs will have an additional fee. Please inquire about payment options and extended contract discounts.

Content Edits

The focus here is the story. Are your characters relatable, do they have a clear voice, are they acting in character, is there tension and chemistry? Are conflicts resolved, are settings painted in, is the storytelling engaging?

.008 per word.

Copy Edits

I focus on the grammar, syntax, continuity, and readability in a manuscript. From the big picture to the tiny details.

Content, pacing, word choice, style choices, transitions, consistency, wordiness, subject/verb agreement, wonky modifiers, sentence structure, redundancies, etc.

.008 per word.


I correct the mechanical issues in a manuscript, such as spelling errors and missing or extra spaces and punctuation.

Typos, begone!

.004 per word.