One way to enhance your writing is through symbolism. Colors, animals, elements, and weather can all be used in symbolic ways to add a deeper meaning to your words. Examples of this could be an approaching storm as the conflict builds, the sun setting red to show coming death and war, spotting a dove to show feelings of peace and hope, rain falling to show life/rebirth and cleansing, a serpent representing an evil house.

dog resting in front of window

In high school, we are taught to find symbolism and understand it. Yes, I’ve seen the “the curtains are blue” meme. You can take that stance if you so wish. But know that your English teacher thinks that the curtains being blue means something because the author of the book probably said that they did and that several hundred writers, critics, and literary experts have agreed on it.

Symbolism is one of those things that can take your writing from mediocre to grand, from enjoyable to meaningful, and from stagnant to moving.

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